We all say it, “People are our greatest asset,” but without good vision and support it can be difficult to get the most out of our people. With good support, truly anything is possible.

Supporting people towards a vision is almost impossible with one-size-fits-all programs, yet tailoring programs for individual needs makes support difficult and time consuming.

That’s where iact comes in. We make it simple to customize your programs for individual needs and still support them like crazy.

Our tools, your abundance

Our platform helps you highlight and share a vision for your organization and identify the steps needed to achieve it.  We help you nurture your people through good visibility and tools to influence outcomes.

iact Platform


The iact platform allows you to define group and individual objectives and how you’ll measure their achievement.


With objectives established, platform users can choose best practices that will contribute to the target outcome. Best practices may be defined by the organization or from the public domain.

Now the platform makes it easy to track progress against the target outcome.


Our reports module lets individuals and stakeholders see whats going on. Awareness enables influence when users have challenges.


Awareness without support means no influence. Our platform enables you to see what’s going on and help your people through slumps and challenges.

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Feed the Seed


Our framework is branded “feed the seed” and it delves into the value of seeds and the importance of nurturing. We look at the purpose of seeds and how they work, the importance of nurturing, and how to make it most effective.

The feed the seed framework forms the basis for everything we do.

Conferences and Workshops

We offer conferences and workshops to share our framework with organizations.

Feed the Seed media series

We are developing a media series – a series of topical books based on the feed the seed framework. Topics are best practices that help organizations work through their biggest challenges.

Contact us if you have subject matter expertise that is more easily explained from the perspective of our framework.


Just for fun, we have a blog that explores how people handle real-life situations in terms of our feed the seed concepts. We rate other’s responses to life’s challenges: if they proactively address the problem with vision and purpose, they’re in the seed zone. If not, it hey’re in the weed zone.

We’re not trying to be judgmental or anything, but its helpful to apply concepts to real-life situations. By exploring these, hopefully we’ll all be better off.

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A seed planting culture

  • Hunter Culture
  • Planter Culture
  • Vision
  • I’m focused on today; looking too far down the road is a luxury I don’t have.
  • I’m able to look ahead because I already took care of today’s problems with yesterdays seeds.
  • Seeds
  • Seeds? What seeds? I just go out and get what I need.
  • Yeah, I’m into seeds. What else produces so much for so little? While they take planning, I enjoy knowing the seed’s promise if I work them.
  • Nurturing
  • Nurturing is for sissies. If you can’t stay up, you’re out. Its as simple as that.
  • I prefer to nurture. I appreciate others who have helped me change and I want to do the same back.